Andranik Grigoryan


01.02.1986 – 02.04.2016
Military rank: Private

Born in the city of Volyovka, UkrSSR.
1987- Family moved to Leninakan, ArmSSR.
1993-1995- Studied at one of the public schools in Gyumri.
1995- Family moved to the village of Haykavan, Hadrut region.
1995-2000- Studied at the Haykavan secondary school.
After finishing the school, his main activity was cattle breeding.
2004- 2006- Served in N military unit of the Defense Army of RA.
July 28, 2013- Started contract based service in N military unit
of the Defense Army of RA as infantryman, mortar assistant gunner.
Killed on April 2, 2016 when defending the 112 military post
(Varazatumb/Lala Ilahi) of the 9th Defense Region together
with his fellow servicemen Sgt. Adam Sahakyan,
Karen Nersisyan, Jun. Sgt. Sasha Galstyan, Pvt.  Jora Yesayan,
Bagrat Aleksanyan, Tigran Berakchyan, Baris Ozmanyan.
Together with them 5 high-ranking officers – Lt. Col. Aleksan
Arakelyan, Roman Poghosyan, Onik Grigoryan, Maj. Suren Melkumyan,
Sen. Lt. Maksim Grigoryan  – were killed in action.
He was married, with 2 sons.
Posthumously awarded the RA Medal of “Courage” and
the Medal for “Combat Service” of Artsakh.