2.30                         Open offensive

On the night of April 1 and early on April 2 Azerbaijan launched open offensive operations along the Southern, South-eastern, and North-eastern directions of the line of contact, using armored vehicles, artillery, and air forcein an attempt to infiltrate deep into the defensive lines of the NKR Defense Army and occupy tactical positions. The adversary performed artillery attacks on the peaceful settlements and permanent deployment places of several military units. Heavy fighting continue along the contact line.


8.30                         A 12-year-old child was killed in Artsakh from enemy shelling

The Azerbaijani armed forces fired MM-21 (Grad) multiple rocket launcher in the direction of Zoravan, Martuni, 12-year-old Vagharshak Grigoryan was killed and 11-year-old Gevorg Grigoryan and 12-year-old Vardan Andreasyan were wounded.




9.00                         The Armenian side has shot down a military helicopter of the adversary

The frontline units of the Defense Army are performing defensive combat operations in all directions along the Line of Contact inflicting considerable manpower and military equipment losses on Azerbaijan. According to the operative data of the Defense Army apart from the other losses inflicted on the Azerbaijani armed forces so far, the air defense units of Defense Army downed one military helicopter of the adversary attacking the Armenian positions in the Northern direction of the line of contact.


9.30                         Official statement of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Armenia

“The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia officially confirms the information on the offensive actions undertaken by the adversary along the line of contact between Karabakh and Azerbaijani forces during the night of April 1-2. During the course of operations, the adversary attempted to infiltrate deep into the defensive lines of the NKR Defense Army and seize tactical positions using tanks, artillery and air force.

At the moment, as a result of actions undertaken by NKR Defence Army units, the enemy retreated with a large number of casualties in the contact line. Military operations are ongoing.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia strongly condemns the hostilities and the aggressive and irresponsible decisions made by the Azerbaijani authorities and officially announces that their continuation may lead to unforeseen consequences for the Azerbaijani side.

Azerbaijani authorities are to be held fully accountable for the unprecedented escalation of tensions along the NagornoKarabakh and Azerbaijan contact line.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia calls upon the international community and especially the OSCE Minsk Group to pay serious attention to the situation and expects immediate and targeted intervention to keep the situation under control and avoid large-scale military operations”.


10.07                          Intense battles on the border are underway: A.Hovhannisyan

“The intense battles on the Azerbaijani-Karabakh border are underway. According to the operative information, our military units counterattacked by conducting defensive battles thus causing significant losses to the adversary. The fact that the adversary’s priority plans have failed is evidenced by the absence of any information regarding these large-scale military operations on all Azerbaijani websites.  The adversary has two ways out: either to change the situation, or think of ways to inform its population of the human and material losses”, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of the Armenian Republic ArtsrunHovhannisyan posted on his Facebook page.


11.29                            The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia is in constant contact with international organizations                                                      and diplomatic-military representatives of foreign countries: A. Hovhannisyan

“The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia is in constant contact with international organizations and diplomatic-military representatives of foreign countries for necessary consultations and exchange of information regarding the developments on the contact line of Nagorno Karabakh-Azerbaijani forces”, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of the Armenian Republic Artsrun Hovhannisyan posted on his Facebook page.


12.00                           Adversary subversive group has been destroyed

“According to a statement by the NKR Defense Army, the Defence Army Special Forces unit discovered and destroyed an adversary subversive group in proximity to the Levonarkh settlement. The group retreated, leaving casualties”, the information department of the RA Ministry of Defence  reports.


12.45                             Defense Army destroyed 3 tanks, 2 military helicopters, 2 UAVs

As of 12.45 p.m., military clashes are still underway along the entire contact line of the Armenian and Azerbaijani forces. The battles are especially fierce in the southern (Hadrut) and northeastern (Martakert) directions of the contact line, which has already turned into a battlefield. According to the data of the Defense Army, our forces destroyed 2 tanks, 1 military helicopter in the southeastern direction, and 1 tank, 2 unmanned aerial vehicle and 1 military helicopter in the northeastern direction.




13.00                              President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan chaired the Security Council meeting

The President of Artsakh Republic  Bako Sahakyan chaired the Security Council meeting dedicated to the large-scale violations of the ceasefire regime initiated by the enemy along the borderline. 
Defense Minister Levon Mnatsakanyan delivered a report and noted that the Defense Army exercises a firm control over the situation along the borderlines; it has averted all the encroachments of the enemy inflicting severe losses on them. The President gave concrete instructions to the defense ministry and heads of all the corresponding bodies on safeguarding the inviolability of frontiers and state security.


13.10                            Statement of the MFA of Armenia

“We strongly condemn Azerbaijan Armed Forces rabid military operations on the Line of Contact between NKR and Azerbaijan, and the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan targeting civilians and residential areas.

Baku’s continuous efforts aimed at disrupting the negotiation process, and the recent refusal to meet with the OSCE Minsk Group, Azerbaijan’s new military operations are another vain attempt of blackmail.

Baku flagrantly ignores numerous calls of the international community to resolve the conflict through negotiations.
Only during the last few days the OSCE Minsk Group, German OSCE Chairmanship, the US Vice President and Secretary of State made such statements. Yet this is how Azerbaijan responds.

We’ve repeatedly drew the attention of the international community urging them to restrain Baku’s military ambitions, having a picture of such development carried out by Azerbaijan today in our minds.

This step toward escalation of the situation, considering its extensive nature, used weapons, the choice of targets, proves that Baku consistently tries to escalate the situation, which makes it mandatory for the international community to take practical steps to discipline Azerbaijan.”