Artak Petrosyan


18.06.1997 – 04.04.2016
Military rank: Private

Born in the village of Metsavan, Lori marz.
2002-2014- Studied at the №2 school in Metsavan.
2011-2012- Attended box classes at the Tashir sports school.
July 3, 2015- Conscripted into the army. Served in N
military unit of the Ministry of Defense of RA, then in N military
unit of the Defense Army of RA as tank mechanic-driver.
2016- became the best tank crewman of the company.
Killed on April 4, 2016 when stopping the enemy’s
advancement in the 6th Defense Region.
Posthumously awarded the RA Medal of “Courage” and
the Medal for “Combat Service” of Artsakh.