Gevorg Gevorgyan


28.09.1996 – 19.04.2016
Military rank: Private

Born in the village of Akori, Lori marz.
2003-2013- Studied at the Akori secondary school.
2009-2010- Studied sculpture at the Alaverdi
school of fine arts after Albert Papoyan.
January 20, 2015- Conscripted into the army,
served in N military unit of the Defense Army
of RA as infantry squad machine gunner.
Awarded the badge of “Courageous fighter” for
outstanding performance in combat preparation,
military and patriotic education, military
discipline of the RA Armed Forces.
Killed on April 19, 2016 when performing military
task in N military post of the 9th Defense Region.

Posthumously awarded the RA Medal
of “Courage” and the Medal for
“Combat Service” of Artsakh.