Gharib Sahakyan


08.08.1987 – 04.04.2016
Military rank: Senior Sergeant

Born in the village of Togh, Hadrut region.
1994-2004- Studied at the Togh, then Arevshat secondary school.
2006-2008- Served in N military unit of the Defense Army of RA,
promoted to the military rank of Junior Sergeant.
2008- Started contract based service in N military unit of the
Defense Army of RA as special forces serviceman.
2015- Promoted to the military rank of Senior sergeant
and became special company commander.
Awarded the Medal of “RA Armed Forces: 20 years”.
Killed on April 4, 2016 when stopping the enemy’s
advancement in the 9th Defense Region together with
fellow servicemen Sen. Sgt. Nver Simonyan,
Pvt. Aznaur Balayan.

He was married, with 3 sons.
Posthumously awarded the RA Medal of “Courage”
and the Medal of “Courage” of Artsakh.