Grigor Harutyunyan

15.03.1997 – 02.04.2016
Military rank: Private

Born in Yerevan.
2004-2007- Studied at the №194 secondary school.
2007-2013- Studied at the №127 secondary school.
Since 2014 he has studied hairdressing at the
Yerevan state vocational school №9.
Attended wrestling and football classes.
July 27, 2015 – Conscripted into the army.
Served in N military unit of the Defense
Army of RA as rifle platoon sniper.
Killed on April 2, 2016 when defending the 115 military post
of the 9th Defense Region together with fellow servicemen
Lt. Ashot Shahbazyan, Pvt. Arman Andreasyan,
Norik Sargsyan, Artur Gevorgyan, Azat Simonyan.
Posthumously awarded the RA Medal of “Courage” and
the Medal for “Combat Service” of Artsakh, 
the medal “Aramo”
of “Armenian National Camping” NGO and the Order of Saint Anna
of the “Transcaucasian Cossacks’ forces” military-patrioric NGO.