Harutyun Abrahamyan


10.08.1985 – 04.04.2016
Military rank: Private

Born in the village of Nuzger, Shamkir region,
Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.
December, 1988- Family moved to the Armenian
Soviet Socialist Republic and settled in the village
of Gyuney (nowadays Areguni), Vardenis region.
1992-2002- Studied at the Areguni secondary school.
After finishing the school, he went to the city of
Hrazdan, Kotayk marz, to study dental technology.
2003-2005- Served in one of the borderline
military units of the Ministry of Defense of RA.
2005-2016- Started contract based service and served in different

military units of the Ministry of Defense of RA as a sniper.
Awarded the badge of “Best Soldier-Sportsman” for reaching
high standards in ARM AF combat preparedness,
military-patriotic education, strengthening
military discipline, and in physical preparedness.
Killed on April 4, 2016 when stopping the
advancement of enemy towards the 6th Defense
Region together with his fellow servicemen Praporshchik
Gagik Melkonyan, Junior Sergeant Vrezh Sargsyan.
He was married with three children.
Posthumously awarded the RA Medal of “Courage” and
the Medal for “Combat Service” of Artsakh.