Hayk Toroyan


11.12.1985 – 02.04.2016

Military rank: Major 

Born in Yerevan.
1992-2000- Studied at the school №132 after Isakov.
2000-2002- Studied at the Monte Melkonyan Military
Training School of Ministry of Defense of RA.
2002-2007- Studied at the Penza Artillery Engineering
Institute named after Nikolay Voronov (RF).
2007- Promoted to the military rank of Lieutenant.
2007-2010- served in Martakert.
2007-2016 – Served in several military
units of the Defense Army of RA.
Promoted to the military rank of Major (2014),
awarded the medals of “Garegin Nzhdeh” (2010),
“RA Armed Forces: 20 years” (2011),
“Drastamat Kanayan” (2012),
first-class medal “For Fair Service” (2013),
the Commemorative Medal of “25 Year of Karabakh Movement”.
As of 2016 served in N military unit of the Defense Army of RA
as the head of the rocket-artillery armament service.
Killed on April 2 when completing combat task
near the village of Talish, on the road to the
military posts in the battle against the
enemy’s sabotage group together with
his fellow serviceman private Hrant Gharibyan.
Posthumously awarded the RA Order of
“Combat Cross” of the 1st Degree and
Medal for “Combat Service” of Artsakh.