02.03.1974 – 04.06.2016
Military rank: Reserve Senior Lieutenant

Born in the village of Shinuhayr, Syunik marz.

1981-1989 – Studied at the Shinuhayr village school.

1989- Moved to the city of Kapan and entered the
Kapan Construction College.

1991- Enrolled in the Kapan volunteer squad “Garegin
Nzhdeh the Great” and conducted special forces tasks
in the borderline parts of Kapan, Goris and Artsakh.

1991- moved to Artsakh together with the squad and
until March, 1992 participated in the defense of
Chankatagh and Kichan villages of the Martakert
region. Due to a shrapnel wound received in March,
1992, he returned to Kapan. After recovering, in the
Kapan Yerkrapah volunteer squad participated in the
liberation battles of the border villages of Kapan,
as well as Zangilan, Kubatlu and Lachin.

1993-1994- Served in N military unit of the Ministry
of Defense of RA, participated in the air defense of
the southeastern part of the frontline.

1999-2008- Served contract based service in
the N military unit of the Ministry of Defense
of RA, holding various posts. 2009- Recorded
as an honorary soldier in the lists of the
military unit for military exploits.

2002- received the military rank of praporshchik,
in 2005 – the military rank of lieutenant, in
2007 – the military rank of the senior lieutenant.

2008- Demobilized and sent to the reserve due to health issues.

Awarded the Badge of “Participant of 1992-1994 Military
Engagements” of RA MoD (1998), the Commemorative
Medal of “Armenian Yerkrapah” of the “Yerkrapah
Volunteers’ Union” NGO (2005), the Medal “For Service
in Battle” of the Republic of Artsakh (2006), the 15 year
Anniversary Badge of “The 97th separate motorized rifle
brigade” (2008), the Jubilee Medal “Armed forces of the
Republic of Armenia: 20 years” of RA MoD (2012), the
Medal of “Vazgen Sargsyan” of RA MoD (2013) and the
Commemorative Medal of “Maternal Gratitude to Artsakh’s
Courageous Sons” of the “Motherhood” NGO (2014).

2008-2012- member of the Council of Elders of the city of Kapan.

2010-2016- worked in the State Non-Profit
Organization ““Zangezur” Biosphere Complex”.

April 3, 2016- Due to the resumption of large-scale
military operations by Azerbaijan against
Artsakh on April 2, 2016, together with the
Kapan Yerkrapah volunteer squad, went to
the village of Talish of the Martakert region.

Killed on April 6, 2016 when performing
military task in the 6th Defensive Region.

He was married, with 2 children.

Posthumously awarded the second-class Order
of “The Combat Cross” of RA and The Medal
“For Courage” of the Republic of Artsakh, for
military exploits, was recorded as an eternal
soldier in the lists of the N military unit of RA MoD.