17.07.1976 – 04.04.2016

Born in the city of Baku, AzSSR.

1983-1988- Studied at the School №258 in Baku.

1988- Family was forced to move to Yerevan.

1988-1991- Studied at the School №42 and School №12 in Yerevan.

In the 1990s took part in the Armenian-Azerbaijani war as a militiaman.

1995- Graduated from School №10 in Stepanakert.

1997-1999- Served in N military unit of the Defense Army of RA.

2001-2012- With interruptions studied at the
Faculty of Economy, Management and IT,
“Mesrop Mashtots” university, Stepanakert.

2003-2014- Worked at “Karabakh Telecom” JSC.

March 15, 2015- Started working at RA
Village and Agricultural Support Fund.

April 2, 2016- Due to the resumption of large-scale
military operations by Azerbaijan against
Artsakh on April 2, 2016, went to the village
of Talish of the Martakert region.

Killed on April 4 when defending N military
post of the 6th Defense Region together with
his fellow serviceman reservist Sargis Khalafyan.

Was married, with 2 children.

Awarded the Medal of “Drastamat Kanayan”
of RA MoD (2007), the Medal of “Vazgen Sargsyan”
of RA MoD (2011), the Commemorative Medal of
“Maternal Gratitude to Artsakh’s Courageous Sons”
of the “Motherhood” NGO, the Commemorative Medal of
“Aramazd” of the “Tigranes the Great” military-patriotic NGO.
Posthumously awarded the Medal “For Courage” of RA,
the Medal “For Service in Battle” of the Republic of Artsakh,
the Medal “For Defending Homeland”
of the “Karabakh War Veterans’ Union” NGO and the Medal
of “Homeland and Faith” of the “Union of Relatives
of Missing Freedom Fighters of NKR” NGO.