10.06.1967 – 04.04.2016

Born in Yerevan.
1974-1984- Studied at the School №67 after Charents.
After finishing the school, he studied cuisine at the college №20.
1985-1987- Served in the USSR Armed Forces.
Took part in the Armenian-Azerbaijani war of 1990s as a militiaman.
Killed on April 4 when defending N military
post of the 6th Defense Region.
Was married, with 4 children.
Awarded the Commemorative Medal of “Arabo”,
medals of “Glorious fighter” of the “Glorious fighters”
military-patrioric NGO, “Freedom fighter” of the
“Freedom fighter” military-patriotic and charitable NGO,
“Armenian Eagle” of the “Eternal fires” military-patriotic and
charitable NGO, “Tigran the Great” of the “Tigran the Great”
voluntary regiment, “Combat Service” (2006),
“Marshal Baghramyan” (2008), “Vazgen Sargsyan” (2008).
Posthumously awarded the RA Medal of “Courage” and the
Medal for “Combat Service” of Artsakh.